Okeechobee, FL  

Midnight. A call came in to Marcus, a dedicated Alert Care America operator.  

"Betty, this is Marcus from Central Station. Do you need help?"  

"I think I'm having a stroke." Betty explained, "I'm slurring my words and I'm seeing double."  

Marcus responded quickly to the situation. After confirming the address with Betty, he called dispatch to alert paramedics. He then informed Betty that he would stay on the line until help arrived.   

After speaking with Betty and making sure she would remain calm, Marcus noticed quite a bit of time had passed since he had first contacted dispatch. He called dispatch to see why EMS hadn't arrived.  

They were at the address listed on the account, but Betty wasn't there.  

To verify the subscriber's location, Marcus asked Betty to check some mail for her correct address. It turned out, she was one block away from the paramedics.  

Shortly after getting the correct information, the paramedics arrived at Betty's location and began attending to her.  

Thanks to Marcus' determination to see that the paramedics had right address, Betty got the help she needed.



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