Racine, WI
"Beverly, this is Mary from Alert Care America central station, do you need help?"

 "Oh, hello. No everything is just fine. I must have accidentally hit my button."

 "Oh, that's alright," Mary said. "Just know that you can call us anytime you need." 

 "While I've got you on the phone," Beverly said, "at the end of December, I fell outside and pressed my button. I really think it saved my life. It was freezing and it was getting dark. It wasn't long after I used my button that my son came, and later, the police. I had broken my femur in two places"  

Beverly continued, "I've told everyone, 'You know, if I hadn't had that button, I would have just laid there and just froze to death.'"   

Getting emotional, Beverly concluded, "I thank you all for being there for me. I don't know what I'd do without you."

  Beverly's rescuer that day was Alert Care America operator Natalie, who followed all procedures correctly to quickly get help to Beverly.


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