"A lot of medical alarms come in to our central station through our Personal Emergency Response  devices," explained Amber, the Alertcare America team member, "But this one was really unique. A gentleman's name was on the account, but the person on the other line was actually a woman, a girlfriend of the subcriber."

"I'm nine months pregnant," the woman (Jill) on the other line quickly revealed. Amber could hear the concern in her voice as she shared, "My contractions are ten minutes apart and I need a ride to the hospital!"

"Fortunately I'd just had a baby six months ago," continued Amber, "I told her, 'Hey, you're okay. This is so exciting!' It was natural for me to reassure her that everything would be okay and that we'd get help there soon. After all, I'd been there just a few months ago."

"I quickly dispatched help for Jill, and then called the boyfriend's family listed in the contacts to let them know what was going on. They ran over to the hospital to meet her."

"When I finished the call I couldn't help but shout to the other members in our central station, 'Hey guys, I'm having a baby!' " smiled Amber. "It was such a great experience and so fun to be able to help someone."

Another Alertcare America operator followed up on the call and learned that mother and baby made it safely to the hospital where medical personal were waiting for them. 



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