BY:Carol Ruth Weber 
Interior Decorating Examiner

Whether of a golden age yourself or have a loved one of a respectable age looking to add some new décor or redecorate their existing abode it is important to consider comfort and ease as well as beauty when embarking on decorating a home for a person of senior age.

The décor should allow for a senior to feel safe and secure as well as be able to reside in beautiful surroundings.

Avoid tripping

Do not use polished slippery tiles on the floor. Area rugs should be avoided; they have edges that can easily be tripped on.

  • Decorate the flooring with a quality low pile carpet that is tightly installed will provide a cushion if one does fall and prevents corners that can be tripped over. This is also to clean with a light weight vacuum.
Think safety first when choosing furnishings.

Pointy edges on table and countertops can cause pain and bruising when not navigated properly.

  • Avoid purchasing furniture with any sharp edges. Round edges will work best and provide a Feng Shui comfort. Countertop corners can be rounded as well.
Light a safe path.

As they say “eyes are the first to go”. So it is imperative to have plenty of good lighting in which to maneuver the rooms as well as perform tasks.

  • Add under cabinet lights in the kitchen.
  • Provide table lamps and bedside lamps with bright bulbs to read by.
  • Add switches for ease such as a 3-way switch by a bed to turn off or on the room light.
  • Provide emergency battery lighting that will turn on in case of power outage.
  • Make sure there are night lights in the bathroom and kitchen areas for safety.
Decorate for ultimate comfort and maneuverability.

A comfortable abode is a must for most seeking refuge from the outside world. The elderly need added options to provide comfort in their furnishings. Height is an important factor in choosing décor for a senior citizen.

  • Beds should be easy to get into and not too high or overly soft.
  • Chairs should have arms and not be too low in order for someone to easily rise out of their sitting position.
  • Higher toilets in the water closet present added safety and comfort.
Bathrooms can be dangerous if not properly adorned.

Towels look beautiful folded and hung neatly on a pretty towel bar but the towel bar can become a danger if someone uses it to grab onto to prevent a fall.

  • Grab bars are essential to place in the shower and toilet area.
  • Purchase decorative grab bars to use to hang towels on giving extra support when someone needs to hold on to something.
  • Use a honed tile on the floor to provide traction to keep from slipping.
  • Use taps in the bath and sink that are temperature controlled in order to avoid scolding. .
Accessibility is important.

Climbing on top of chairs and ladders can be dangerous.

  • Keep essentials in the kitchen in the lower cabinets.
Window coverings should be easy to use as well as add beauty.

Drapery and shades are a necessity for privacy and a peaceful sleep but they also need to be easy to maneuver.

  • Place heavy drapery on a corded track for easy opening and closing.
  • Blinds and shades should have cords that will not tangle.
  • Consider remote systems that will open and close window treatments with a push of a button.
Seniors should have fun with the décor making it your own statement of pleasing memories and furnishings.

When choosing paint color, think happy but not too bright.

  • Neutral colors work well in warm and creamy tones.
  • Old paneled walls can be renewed and brightened up with a coat of paint.
Add fun accessories.

Show off your many years of fun in the accessories. Pick pillows and throws in favorite colors that will add cheer to the décor.

  • Pick out some bright colored pillows to add to the sofa.
  • Add a textured tapestry, perhaps one found on an excursion, to the wall’s décor.
Make a space to call your own.

Perhaps a corner or cozy sunroom can be a favorite spot to read or do a favorite hobby.

  • Place a comfortable chair with an ottoman or a chaise to relax upon with a table to sit a lamp and snack on.
Mementos are precious and should be showed off and admired.

Place your memories on the walls to enjoy and look at as you sit in your favorite spot. They will also provide hours of conversation when visitors come calling.

  • Arrange groupings of favorite paintings on the wall.
  • Have a gallery wall of photos of friends and family.
  • Place vacation finds on wall hung shelves or in a pretty display case.
  • Show off the years of books that you have collected and enjoyed in a bookcase.
  • Have fun making a collage of family photos to frame and hang on the wall.
Becoming forgetful is a way of life.

Memory boards help keep the mind alive.

  • Place attractive fabric covered bulletin boards in the kitchen and bedroom to make sure important dates are not forgotten.
Add a bit of extra safety precautions for peace of mind.

A beautiful abode is essential but in order to enjoy the pleasures of home it is important to stay safe and secure.

  • Add an emergency alert system in the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen for added peace of mind.
Share the beautiful memories adorning the well appointed home with loved ones as you tell stories of where you picked up the souvenirs or who the people are in the photos. This is the perfect chance to share the best of times with family and friends as well as show off the beautifully decorated abode.

Keep the mind moving with every new moment and never be afraid to dance!



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