By Abubakar Najam on August 21, 2013

Though, foot problems are common in people of all ages but elder people complain them more often. Aging itself is a basic cause of various diseases. The muscles and bones of old people are relatively weaker due to which even a slight injury can cause them serious trouble. If the older people are suffering from any disease such as diabetes, muscles pull etc. then the chances of foot problems become double.

A Small Note On Human Feet

Foot is a major part of our body as our physical movement full depends on it. Feet bear our body weight and enable us to walk, run and move freely. They also maintain the balance of our overall body. A human foot is made up of different bones, nerves, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and tendons. Even a slight problem in any of them can cause serious trouble to our feet.

Our feet just like any other body part need rest to remain active and strong. If you give burden more than which your feet can bear then they will start to pain. The muscles and bones of old people as mentioned above do not have enough stamina so they become tired very soon. This is why old people cannot walk or run for a long time.

Self-Care Foot Tips For Retirees

Elder people are more prone to foot problems including swelling of foot, ingrown toenails, bacterial or fungal infectiondry skinfoot pain, itching etc. Majority of these problems are caused just due to the carelessness of old people. They either wear inappropriate shoes or fail to ensure proper hygiene.

Prevention is better then so I request old people to start taking extra care of their feet right from today. Following are some of the self-care foot tips for retirees.

First and foremost tip is to take care of hygiene. Majority of the diseases attack human body just because of unhygienic conditions. I am again saying that older people have higher risk of diseases so they need to take more care. You must wash both your feet with warm water at least thrice a day.

Just cleaning is not enough, you also have to dry them with clean towel right after washing as germs and bacteria will easily stick to wet feet. Most of the people leave the area in between the toes due to which this area causes itching or infection so you must take care of this area as well.

You must apply any feet lotion or moisturizer on your whole feet except the areas in between toes right after washing in order to avoid dryness of skin.

Another important tip is to trim your toe nails regularly as ingrown toenails causes foot pain and other similar problems. Use nail file to file the sharp edges as they may harm you. If elderly people cannot walk due to any disease then they should at least perform basic foot exercises every day under the supervision of a nurse or physician.

Do not walk barefoot as it may cause damage to your feet. Avoid using any drugs, chemicals or going for any foot treatment prior to your doctor advice.

You should do a detailed inspection of your feet every night before going to sleep in order to make sure everything is fine. If you feel a change in the color of skin, dryness, swelling, pain or itching then consult your doctor immediately as it may be a symptom of any serious illness.

Be very careful while buying shoes and socks. Prefer using cotton socks. Change your socks every day. The shoes you wear should fit well into your feet. Women should not wear high heels in this age. Your shoes should be soft and comfortable; otherwise you may suffer from pain.



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