According to data from AARP's Healthy@Home 2.0 report, 96 percent of seniors polled said that they want to continue living on their own for as long as possible.

One way seniors can remain independent and still have easy access around the clock to emergency assistance is a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), such as eResponder.

Mobile PERS like Alertcare America's eResponder enable seniors to talk to emergency care specialists 24/7 with the push of a button. eResponder has a built in microphone and speaker, and it works anywhere in the US with T-Mobile coverage. Seniors can feel confident moving around their homes and traveling around the US because access to help is always at their fingertips.

So Long, Landlines: Saying ‘Hello’ to Independent Living

Alertcare America's eResponder does not require a landline phone connection, and it is fully self-contained with no base station needed.

 Other added benefits of eResponder include:

2-Way Voice System

Alertcare America's eResponder connects users with certified emergency care specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event that a user has Alzheimer’s, wanders off, and/or doesn’t know where he or she is, the emergency care specialist can connect the user directly to 911 to utilize U-TDOA location technology to locate the user.

Lengthy Battery Life

eResponder contains a rechargeable battery that can last as long as two months on a single charge!

Lightweight and Shower-Safe

eResponder is compact and shower-safe, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go, including the shower.

eResponder is a very small, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear mobile personal emergency response system which enables users to break free from landline-based systems that work in and around the home. 
Simple to use, compact, and shower-safe, the Alertcare America's eResponder features 2-way voice communication and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 months on a single charge. eResponder allows seniors to live independently while having fast access to emergency care specialists anywhere in the US where there is T-Mobile cellular coverage. Specialists can send emergency personnel or loved ones to the user, depending on what is needed. If users need to be located, emergency care specialists can connect them to 911 to utilize U-TDOA location technology. Seniors now have the ability to get help anytime at the press of a button, at home and away from home.



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