Kale has many great benefits and is recognized as a nutrient rich food source. It's a high fiber, zero fat, iron rich, antioxidant that also has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. 

A creative and tasty way to enjoy kale is by making a shake. I like to use the Nutribullet with kale as my base (about 1 cup). Broccoli is another great addition to a kale shake, but is optional depending on your preference. The next key ingredient is a good protein powder that does not contain processed sugar. The Whole Foods 360 brand, vanilla flavored whey protein is a favorite. I'll typically add 2 scoops. Next, add fresh or frozen berries to give your shake natural sweetness along with anti-oxidant benefits. For a liquid source, almond milk is a great choice.

You can get as creative as you want by using use fresh nuts, flax, hemp seed, goji berries or any super-food that you desire. Have fun with it, make it work for you and enjoy.

For more information on the benefits of kale, check out this link:

Marco Andujar
Director, Alertcare America



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