Most seniors today are focused on living independently for as long as possible, but seniors are also at risk for falls both at home and away from home. What is the best way to help keep seniors safe while enabling them to live their lives?
Popular options are traditional landline personal emergency response systems (PERS) or mobile PERS.

Alertcare America's mobile PERS do not require a landline.Traditional PERS systems require a landline connected to the unit, but 19.3% of seniors do not have a landline phone.

With Alertcare America's eResponder mobile PERS, no landline is needed because the devices use nationwide T-Mobile 2G cellular coverage to connect users 24/7 to trained emergency care specialists at our UL Listed, CSAA Certified Five Diamond central station. No additional cellular contract is needed with  our devices: cellular service is included in the service fee.

Because no landlines are needed, Alertcare America's mPERS are also easier to activate and set up than traditional PERS devices.

Alercare America's mobile PERS offer two-way voice through the unit, and no base station is needed.When users press the button on a Alercare America eResponder  mPERS device, they can speak with a specialist via the speaker and microphone built into the unit. The specialist can see information about them, including user-provided information like allergies and lockbox details, and can dispatch emergency personnel or loved ones to the user, depending on need.

If an eResponder user needs to be located, the specialist can transfer the eResponder user to 911 for location and dispatch, and after dispatch the specialist can stay on the line with the user until help arrives.

If an eResponder user is outside of the T-Mobile coverage area and needs assistance, the eResponder will dial 911 directly using other compatible area networks.

Many traditional PERS systems require a base station to communicate, and only enable users to get help when they are in or around their homes. Traditional systems cannot help users when they leave home to run errands or travel.

With Alercare America's devices, users can get help at home, at the grocery store and across the country with the press of a button.

Alercare America's eResponder mPERS offers users long battery life in a low-maintenance device. The eResponder is very small and lightweight, and it features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two months per charge (many other mobile PERS products only last a few days per charge). eResponder users and their loved ones can also receive low battery email and text message alerts when the device needs to be charged.

eResponder can also be worn in the shower, though it is not designed to be submerged.

Colby, an Alertcare America operator, received a panic alarm from Beth, a woman who has had several minor strokes in the past. Colby asked if everything was all right, but received no discernible response from the other end of Beth's two-way mobile PERS device. He asked again if she was in need of assistance, but still heard nothing from Beth. He also called her home phone but no one answered.
Colby immediately called Beth's list of emergency contacts. None of Beth's children answered the phone. The last contact listed was Beth's neighbor, Richard, who fortunately picked up the phone.
Richard quickly went to check on Beth. When Richard arrived at Beth's home, he could tell that something was very wrong. An ambulance was called to take Beth to the hospital.
A week later Beth called Alertcare America to thank everyone who was involved in getting her to the hospital. "I was unable to speak when I pressed my button. You definitely saved my life that day!" Beth said.
Thinking back to the unanswered call he received from Beth, Colby reflected, "Sometimes when calls come in it may seem routine because we can't see the results of our efforts. But this is a nice reminder that we do save lives here at Alartcare America every day."